Lady Monique De Nemours.

Professional and International Domina. Sublime Lady of the Other World Kingdom.
Muse of BDSMHOY.COM Magazine and recently named Honorary Citizen of the Womania Empire. Leader of the Support Groups in Spain. Over 25 years of experience to her credit.
Demanding and sometimes understanding, I will not say what I know how to do, only what I DO NOT do! NO SCAT, PEDOPHILIA, OR ZOOPHILIA.
I range from Female Domination to Financial Domination.
She is an expert panel member on TV, radio and press.
My sessions are private and personalized in My Malaga Dungeon, where respect prevails, and wherever I travel, by appointment, with a previous questionnaire to identify your most perverse fantasies and know your experience.
Do not doubt it creature, if you have not yet submitted to a Superior Being, you are wasting time!
In My web page you will be able to follow My steps, you will know in which countries or cities I will be on different dates, and so you will be able to prostrate yourself at My feet.Dómina Profesional e Internacional. Sublime Lady of the Other World Kingdom.
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